HIV Rapid Test Kit

The most affordable HIV rapid test kit is the HIV Blood Test. However, for those shy to the prick of a lancet or don't like the sight of a few drops of blood, try the oral HIV rapid test kit option. Browse our HIV Rapid Test Kits below for more information on the tests and HIV.

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HIV At Home Test

HIV At Home Test

Buy a HIV At Home Test Today and Know Your Status! The HIV At Home test is the most affordable way to take a HIV test at home by detecting the presence of the antibodies; HIV 1 and HIV 2 . All instruments and step-by-step instructions are included with the test kit. A sterile lancet is used to take a blood sample, deposited into a test well and mixed with buffer liquid provided. A colored band...


Oral Home HIV Test

Oral Home HIV Test

Who Needs Needles, When You Don’t Need Blood? The 'Oral At Home HIV test kit' is the ideal way to test your HIV status as it's affordable, convenient, accurate and easy to use. Plus there is no need for needles as there is no need for blood! This test is delivered to your home discreetly and you can have results within 15 minutes of completing the test procedure. All...

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